The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining & Drinking

Don’t expect to meet all your friends or family at once. The new "rule of six" means that restaurants/bars/cafes cannot permit bookings of more than six people at a table, either indoors or outdoors, and NO mixing of households apart from support bubbles.

Don't expect to mingle with other tables, you must refrain from moving from your table and even shouting across the room. You're also not allowed to book more than one table, and mingle between the two. The website also says that you should, "avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group you are with, even if you see other people you know."

Do wait to be seated, please do not have a quick tour of the place.

Don’t move anything, the furniture is set out the way it is for a reason and will also be sanitised before use.

Do expect to give your name and contact details on arrival. As of September 14, it is now mandatory for hospitality businesses to keep a record of customers so people can be easily traced in the event of a localised outbreak of coronavirus.

Don’t ask to turn the music up. The government is still asking places to avoid doing anything that encourages raised voices in order to keep the risk of airborne, oral transmission of the virus to a minimum.

Do make reservations. Reservations are being strongly encouraged as businesses try to manage numbers. Social distancing measures mean places have fewer tables, so your chance of walking in off the street is reduced regardless.

If you are outside and the heavens open, don’t expect to just head indoors; unless a place has space for groups to keep their distance, they can’t have everyone in. 

Do wash your hands and use the hand gel provided.

Do ware face masks in all public areas, with the exception of when eating.

Do expect to pay by card or contactless payments; many places are strongly urging their customers to avoid cash when possible.  

Our bar will close at 10.00pm hrs until further notice

Do have fun, don't overdo it. 


Thank you all for your patience and support throughout these times

The Alexandra Court Hotel